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Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar Lessons

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  • Should I start with the acoustic or electric guitar?
    While there is no correct answer, the electric guitar is generally easier for beginners because the strings are lighter/thinner and closer to the fretboard of the guitar. This makes the electric guitar easier on the fingers and better for beginners.

    The body of the electric guitar is also thinner than the acoustic guitar making it easier to hold, especially for women and children.

    Ultimately, I believe you should go with what interests you.
    Both instruments are essentially the same. What you learn on one, translates to the other. Most guitarists usually end up playing both.
  • What kind of guitar should I buy?
    This is a matter of personal taste, but I usually recommend going with a guitar that is comfortable to sit and play and that appeals to and inspires you.

    You could choose a guitar similar to what your favorite artist(s) play. This can be a good starting point. While most of us can't usually afford the same guitar our heroes play, a close approximation will work fine.

    What is the right age to start guitar lessons? What age is too young or too old?

    I have worked with kids as young as 6 and adults in their 60’s. The key ingredient is desire. Anyone who possesses the motivation and desire can learn to play guitar, therefore, there really is no “ideal” age.
  • How long does it take to learn guitar?
    Generally speaking, within two months, with consistent practice, most students begin to start grasping the concepts, developing coordination, and start playing parts of songs.
    Each student is different. I’ve had students really grasp the basics in a few week, but they put in the work.

    Playing an instrument comes down to muscle memory; repeating a motion, correctly, enough times so that the muscles begin to act on their own with less conscious thought.
  • What do I need to start guitar lessons?
    Honestly, all you need is a guitar and a positive attitude. Other than that a guitar pick, a book, and maybe a strap.
  • Do I really need guitar lessons? Can’t I just get a book or DVD?
    When first learning guitar, immediate feedback is key. A book or DVD can't tell you if you are holding your pick correctly, or if your G chord sounds right!

    There are many great books, DVDs and other learning aids, but these usually work best for intermediate and experienced players who already have the basics down.

    Teaching yourself can also lead to incorrect technique and frustration. An experienced guitar teacher can inspire students, help develop proper technique and shorten the guitar learning curve.